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This column concerns Jackie Robinson's non-professional days in sports; his football seasons at Pasadena Junior College, basketball at UCLA and the Kansas City Monarchs. Being an Army publication, the reporter touched upon Robinson's brief period as a junior officer in the 761st Tank Battalion. A 1951 article about the Negro Baseball League can be read here In 1969, Jackie Robinson wrote about African-American racists, click here to read it... Click here to read a 1954 article about Willie Mays. This is a profile of Dr. Sigmund Freud that appeared during the last months of his life. In the Spring of 1938 Freud and his family had fled to London in order escape the Nazis. Here is a moving account of the meteoric rise of Johnny Mathis - from an impoverished child of the San Francisco slums to the last of the great-American crooners. "Johnny Mathis is just 23 years old , though he appears a hungry , vulnerable 17. When he sings a romantic ballad in high falsetto, his large eyes gaze out over the heads of the audience as if in search of someone." 48 Hours With Winston Churchill "It is not an interview with the Prime Minister. He is too busy to give interviews and his sense of fairness long ago forced him to make the rule of 'no interviews'. If he couldn't give an interview to all, he wouldn't give an interview to one. But I spent two days with him and this story is of the Winston Churchill I got to know well in forty-eight hours. golf articles in magazines " Click here to read about Churchill's December 13, 1941 visit to the White House. american golf articles in magazines celebrities from 1930samerican golf articles in magazines celebrities from 1930s A heavily illustrated, four page article that served to answer the U.S. serviceman's questions as to who Harry S. Truman was and why was he deemed suitable to serve as President? "Mr. Truman now occupies the Presidency, of course, because he won the Democratic Vice-Presidential nomination in Chicago last summer. Two things won him the nomination. First was the fact that he alone was acceptable to Mr. Roosevelt and to both the conservative element of the Democratic Party and its liberal wing. The second was the excellent performance of the Truman Committee in the investigation of our government's spending money for the war-effort...One of the main themes of his campaign speeches last fall was that the U.S. should never return to isolationism." Click here to read about the busy life of President Franklin Roosevelt.
In the attached 1914 magazine profile, Joseph Edgar Chamberlin asked, "Who is Goldberg? golf r 2021 australia release date "